In the last week of July — prime picnicking season — Danny Beasse refined the Moranic to its cleanest line by abandoning the inelegant trot around the east side of Leigh Lake that David Gonzales pioneered in 2014. Instead, after biking from town, Béasse swam the entire length of Leigh Lake from the portage spot at its southern end to the outlet stream of the Falling Ice Glacier, before climbing the CMC and returning. Colossal!

This makes the Moranic swim a daunting two mile endurance dogleg in each direction, but also does away with the awkwardly flat 3 mile hump between the lake’s east shore and the bike parking at the String Lake trailhead.


Notwithstanding the extra two-thirds of a mile of swimming in both directions, this Jackson powerhouse managed to pull off the entire picnic in 17 hours, 30 minutes, town square to town square. That is now the standard for the Moranic, as Beasse’s route follows the route normally taken by travellers to the CMC route, but he did it solo and self-powered from home. Immersed.


Behold the affable Beast of Béasse!

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