On August 10, Chelse Grohman, Guerin Platte, and Matt Joch completed a Team Grand Triathlon in brilliant style, supported by only themselves and an extra large bag of Oreos, and then put together this awesome video. Looks like they followed Rule 1 to the T.


From Chelse:

I want to thank you for coming up with this event. This event for me was not about making it in a certain time or to impress someone; it was about seeing what I was capable of… Which is obviously more than I ever expected. The first swim across Jenny Lake was the highlight of my life (I am not embellishing). I have a serious love for swimming and I have never felt something so surreal. We started our swim around 11:00pm; the moon was hidden and nothing but stars, glow sticks, and a meter shower lit our path. Words can not describe how I felt.

Anyway, I can not thank you enough for inspiring me to try this. I am looking at new lines to try next summer and I can not wait!



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