Why limit picnics to cold cuts eaten awkwardly on the ground?  Can’t picnics also be moveable feasts of mountains, lakes, oceans, cities, forests, and rivers?

Here’s an explanation of picnics, in swankier terms.

Here’s the Picnic Table, our version of a leaderboard, for Wyoming.

Here are a few posts about how to get started picnicking. More to come soon!

Here are a few media pieces about the Picnic. 

We have much more to post; numerous picnickers have promised me recaps of their adventures! If you have something to share, please send details to david@thepicnic.co or icehama@thepicnic.co. Our plan is to keep abreast of picnicking’s progress, and to be part of the exploding world of human powered adventure.

Picnicking: it’s the most fun you can have on a shitty’s night’s sleep.

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