After fetching farmgirl Fiona drew me to Montana last year,@visitmontana caught wind of the Picnic and asked to include one in their ‘Montana TV’ tourism campaign. Congratulations to @mercurycsc and @heliocollective for honoring the casual spirit of picnics, and recording an impromptu Hyalicknic in real time, while creating a gorgeous commercial for Montana. Not an easy task, and they crushed it. Check out all the Montana picnic hoopla on the Visit Montana website.

Also, huge thanks to Taylor, Max, Sprout, Jon, Ryan, Evan, and Fiona, who met at 4 am in downtown Bozeman in mid September to do some of the chilliest biking and lake swimming of our lives. This summer, let’s do it earlier! (How does August 6 sound??) And let’s tow our dogs!

Thanks to Steven Gnam for the feature photo.

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