– Picnic Table –

ICEHAMA Guidelines

The Hyalicknic (Bozeman (Rouse and Main)-Hyalite Reservoir-Mount Blackmore-Hyalite Reservoir-Bozeman) 


Fastest Solo Female:

Fastest Solo Male:

Fastest Team:

First Solo Female:

First Solo Male:

First: Lauren Sprout Bennett, Taylor Rees, Fiona Buckley, Evan Smith, Jon Burrill, Max Mogren, Ryan Burke, David Gonzales (supported), September 11, 2015

Do you or your people deserve a spot at the picnic table? Have you created and completed a worthy picnic? ICEHAMA expects proof in the form of GPS-tagged and date-stamped selfies. Please email pictures and descriptions to icehama@thepicnic.co.

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